Automatic HREFLang Sitemap Generator

Crawler based solutions to automatically create XML sitemaps with hreflang information


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Tired of maintaining URL lists for hreflang sitemap builders or manually editing markup?

Try our crawler software for Windows and Mac for an easier and often significantly cheaper solution.

Download, install and run A1 Sitemap Generator or TechSEO360.

Both come with a 30 days free trial and afterwards continues to work for websites up to 500 pages.

Purchases include free upgrades for minimum an year and 30 days satisfied or refund available.

No licensing restrictions on how often you use, number of websites or number of pages.


How to Create HREFLang XML Sitemaps

  1. Enter your website address, click on "Start scan" and wait till the site crawl has finished.
    crawl website
  2. Enable "Include hreflang alternate URLs", click on "Build selected" and wait till the sitemap is done.
    build hreflang site map
  3. No more steps. You are done!

How It Works

Our crawler will usually successfully collect the information required to build hreflang sitemaps as it can:

Free Support
If you have questions related to our tools and need an answer fastest possible.
Forum at WebHelpForums for help on everything related to sitemaps.
Forum at WebHelpForums for help on A1 Sitemap Generator.
Forum at WebHelpForums for help on TechSEO360 is only one of our sitemap specific websites:

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